typography and print design by Kevin Mount

The Lone Twin Boat Project

book design and making


The Lone Twin Boat Book is the catalogue of the performance company’s 2012 Cultural Olympiad project. It records how a high-performance sailing boat was created out of laminations from over 1,200 pieces of wood donated by visitors to the project building yard on Chichester Harbour. It records the stories – ordinary or extraordinary – people told about their donations and includes photographs of each one. A bookmark was made out of the pulp residue from the wood that made the boat, and a copy of the book was built into the boat’s cockpit.

For2012 Cultural Olympiad

'I’ve brought you a maquette of a hand. It’s supposed to be for artists to draw. It has articulated fingers, and is probably just about the right scale. I’m an artist and I like to work quite hands-on, so it’s literally about what I can do with my hands and what I’ve always done with my hands, creatively.'

‘These are from HMS Invincible – a pulley-block spindle, a fid for the riggers and part of a gunpowder barrel.’

‘This is a piece of a cedar tree that stood outside Walton Hall, the headquarters of the Open University in Milton Keynes. It was attacked by aphids, and this is one of the pieces of the trunk that came down.’

‘There’s two pig pots and a peg. The peg used to be part of a little game – you’d put it on a ladder and it would fall down. Maisie’s sister, Holly Riddle, died in the 2004 tsunami. We’d like to put something of hers on the boat. She used to like pigs, so she collected pig pots.’

‘These are ox bone or ivory fish that were used as gaming counters in the eighteenth century. My brother reckons they would have belonged to my great-great grandfather originally. Apparently the boats in Turkey have an eye in the bow for good luck.’