typography and print design by Kevin Mount

The Letter Press

The Letter Press extends the collaboration with Alice Oswald to the possibility of publishing single poems by a small group of writers in the form of letters, cards and other ephemeral mail art. I show three examples from 2013-15.

This first limited edition of Tithonus: 46 minutes in the life of the dawn, was commissioned by James Runcie for its premiere at the 2014 London Literature Festival. It has been reset for new collections of Alice Oswald’s verse being published in 2016 by Cape in the UK and W W Norton in the US. The Letter Press handmade a small translucent edition of the poem, A Drink from Cranmere Pool, for the Museum of Water installation at Somerset House in June 2014. Commissioned by The Poetry Society, the poems were offered to visitors to the Roman Baths at Kings College. A second commission from The Poetry Society and Royal Collection Trust in June 2015. Alice Oswald’s poem Shadow was an accompaniment to her talk on Paradise Lost in the Queen’s Gallery. The A2 fold-out shows the shadow of lines from Milton’s poem, and the map of an imagined desert.